Sunday, 6 September 2015

Projects, projects, projects!

hey y'all!

If you think the purpose of this account is to let you know what I'm up to....well, that is partially true, but it will also work as something of a reminder to me as to exactly what I have to get on with!  We released a new King & Queen of Sorry single last month. It was due to be an EP, but we wanted to get something out for the Eric Martin gig, and there was still much to do, so it will be going out as a couple of singles.  The feedback was good, and I'm pleased with it. I'm hoping to get the second single in the bag shortly.

As most of you know, a lot of the projects I'm involved with happen with contributors all around the world. Chatting with Paul a few months back we were lamenting our inability to just rock up to an open mic night and do some songs as a band: in K&QOS neither our singer or pianist is local. As such, we've been looking around for a local chanteuse to help us out. We've been chatting to a couple of ladies, one who seems more interested in the pop tunes, and one more interested in rock. As such we can filter stuff two ways, which works out fine. The rock lady isn't too well at the moment, so we will look at that maybe more to the end of the year. I have written some pop stuff for the other lady, (kind of K& QOS on steroids!??!) who is coming over to do some singing this week. Hopefully we will gel well together. It will be nice to play more regularly live.

Have some irons in the fire for Black Snake Halo and DeadBeat Boulevard, and a covers project that will hopefully see the light of day soon. Oh and Larry & Lori (The Smiths, but without any flora and fauna sticking out of their back pockets) have a few tracks I've penned to complete too.

So in other words...busy!

Will blog soon about some new gear which I've bought this year .

May all your G strings be super slinky


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